Friday, December 2, 2011

Sometimes you just have to bite the lemon... and jump feet first.

I'm posting this as my first post because this was my first card of my own creation.. yeah I tweaked a "Make and Take" but isnt that what arts is all about.. Taking something you see and making it as your own. Im not saying that "duplicating" is okay. But it's all about the Artistic Lisence, right? Lift an idea from one place and include that part into your own design. This birthday card was given to a friend from my 2nd bookstore job that I loved. And the 2nd store that I had to help Liquidate... *la'sigh*

You ask, Why card making? Why not.. Hallmark seems to have the corner market for MASS PRODUCED items.. but seriously, what makes you smile more, knowing that you got something that took someone 10mins to pick out that right saying... or SEEing that your friend MADE or Bought you something HANDMADE. Personaly, I thank my friend Sangita, her Christmas Card made me smile, she remembered my love of polar bears, and she spent the time to make her cards. Even someone who works many of hours can make the time to make a card for a friend. That ment something to me.. (perhaps I'm rambling at this point). But I guess rambling happens when you spend 10hrs de-bugging your main computer. So, before I ramble your head off and you run in terror from this blog, (please don't) I'm going to sign off and post my card.

Happy Birthday Embossing Folder
Coordination Core Card Stock
2 Coordinating Design Papers
5 Pearl Blingz
1 Brass Button
2 Hand painted flowers with H2O Shimmer Watercolor paints

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  1. So pretty! I love it!! In the picture parts of it look like leather! I don't know how you do it :)