Saturday, July 27, 2013

Llama, No, necklace...

Just something I did last power outage... In the dark.. Now I just need to clear coat it :)

I think he turned out nice. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disney Epcot Scrapbooked Countries

Someone from a class asked me to post the altered ideas that I took a class on so, I have included them here. The original ideas came from Sticker Store and More, Inst. Tami S. I give her the credit for the original ideas.

(Please excuse my messy work station,
I'm very organized at work, just not at home :-S)


(Large image on lower right should have the green border around it as well, I'm still waiting for it to be cut.)








United Kingdom


P.S. 95% of the images here are photos that I have done myself, however there were somethings that either I didn't like my image or there was a better image online, and I remembered it but didn't take it. In the world of scrap-booking it's called scrap-lifting, lifting an idea or image from someone else's page and using it as your own. If asked I can tell you which images were not mine.