Saturday, April 18, 2015

T-Shrit Deisngs and Mr. Mojo

Images are posted to use in my class autobiography assignments, as Examples:

Mr. MoJo

Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 (Very late but that's the lemonade for you)... A Year in Review

Well, one could call this past year a bust, an utter wreck, 2 deaths, 2 heart attacks.. And some failing grades. In April my uncle (mom's side) had two stints put in his heart. In May, my only grandfather left us to join his wife in heaven. In June, my mother had a heart attack, open heart surgery, 4 stints and a mechanical valve replacement. In December, my uncle (mom's sisters husband) passed away. 

While all of that happened, i withdrew from some of my classes, failed one or two. 

I did have some fun thou, sister won a hotel stay in Orlando, Florida, so I got to go to Disney, and Universal Studios. Had lots of fun too. I am a proud owner of my very own Harry Potter wand too. 😀

So now we are in 2015, and my goal is to make this year better than the last one. 

To start I entered a competition with the card below and now I need to pass my current class. So tonight I have a midterm to write.