Friday, December 9, 2011


It's such a nasty word...but the more I think on some recent events in my life.. It truly makes me wonder if I am just jealous at certain people and all of their happiness that surrounds them.  Marriage.. Engagements... New Kids.. (yep even that one). I know that I need to be happy with whom I am, before I can even think of being in a "truly bonded life with someone all to myself". Yeah, I think that I'm lost in life as I know it, I know there are things that I HAVE to do before I can even think about the largest commitment in life.

I'd love it if for once, something truly spectacular would happen. In the past 6 years, I have heart ache, joy for my friends, sadness of job losses but nothing that can truly make my heart skip a beat.

I know that I need to listen to the words of Cupcake Brown, “She talked about wanting to be a part of something, wanting to be desired, to be 'special', craving to be loved. She talked about experiencing the kind of loneliness so immense it could swallow you up. She called it 'loneliness that crowds couldn't cure'.”  Its not the exact quote.. but it will work, at least till I find the correct one.

But then I begin to wonder if there is someone right for me. Is there someone out there that can handle my quirks. I guess for now I shall wonder, who knows who might come knocking at my door.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sometimes you feel like a nut... Sometimes you just need BLING

So here's to all the Lemonade makers who feel like a nut.. I bring you my nutty BLING. Well perhaps it's not nutty.. but it sure is PRUDY ;) This nut made some mistakes this past week, but I'm done crying over spilled milk. Life is life. Its full of ups and downs, and it is what you make of it. So this is one item that had caught my eye.. and now I'm in full mood to get down and dirty with some sweet Swarovski Bling!!! Love this, and it's truely a perfect present for anyone who just wants a little glitz, let me know if you want one.. I'll get you a price :D

They come in either SILVER or GOLD.. and I have Assorted colors to chose from. Pictured is Peridot with Pearled Crystal highlights.

Life as I know it....

So here's the deal-e-o! I obviously changed my last post. I have been informed what I said was "POT SHOTTING" them. Was not my intent. So I removed the "text of it all" and left my Blah feeling there. I'm in a way just looking at this as more Lemons to my Lemonade bucket. I have said my peace with said person, where she takes it is her choice. If I lose a friend over it, I'm sorry. I still will consider her a friend, like I still consider her best guy friend (my ex) a friend. Yeah I know I'm strange. But I guess you kinda have to be to live in this kinda world. Things are said, things are done, Its all up to the people doing/reading/saying/listening/and acting to take it with a bucket or a grain of salt.

So this is me still "Wishing her a Merry Christmas", may she find some great cooking to replace her anger. Perhaps some nice Lemon Meringue Pies?

Here's an image for her, something I was planning on painting for her soon. But that is her choice where to take our friendship. For now G'night world. This is me signing off of 4AM ramblings.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Me just thinking aloud...

So here's me thinking aloud. "BLAH" 

So.. Here's my image post... A sampling snippet of a card that I did a few months ago.

Friday, December 2, 2011

iPhone camera...

So I have this wonderful habbit of filling my camera with images of scrapbook pages, card ideas, jewelry designs, new BOOKS that i want and just about anything else that catches my eye. Every now and then I go thru my photos and delete the old to make room for the new photos.. This evening since mom and I ran away from our plagued PC, I thought I'd go on a little deleting spur.. I didn't get to far, instead I came across a thank you holiday card for the HEROS that I made at a local craft store. All I used was some buttons and some scraps. I truly like how it turned out.. And I'll probably be mass producing some for the holidays too.. Here's my gift to the soldiers protecting our land, our rights to be free and make our lemonade.

Sometimes you just have to bite the lemon... and jump feet first.

I'm posting this as my first post because this was my first card of my own creation.. yeah I tweaked a "Make and Take" but isnt that what arts is all about.. Taking something you see and making it as your own. Im not saying that "duplicating" is okay. But it's all about the Artistic Lisence, right? Lift an idea from one place and include that part into your own design. This birthday card was given to a friend from my 2nd bookstore job that I loved. And the 2nd store that I had to help Liquidate... *la'sigh*

You ask, Why card making? Why not.. Hallmark seems to have the corner market for MASS PRODUCED items.. but seriously, what makes you smile more, knowing that you got something that took someone 10mins to pick out that right saying... or SEEing that your friend MADE or Bought you something HANDMADE. Personaly, I thank my friend Sangita, her Christmas Card made me smile, she remembered my love of polar bears, and she spent the time to make her cards. Even someone who works many of hours can make the time to make a card for a friend. That ment something to me.. (perhaps I'm rambling at this point). But I guess rambling happens when you spend 10hrs de-bugging your main computer. So, before I ramble your head off and you run in terror from this blog, (please don't) I'm going to sign off and post my card.

Happy Birthday Embossing Folder
Coordination Core Card Stock
2 Coordinating Design Papers
5 Pearl Blingz
1 Brass Button
2 Hand painted flowers with H2O Shimmer Watercolor paints