Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short Story #2:A Legacy of Meotod

A Legacy of Meotod

       It was a still and silent night, the inn wasn't busy just full. The inn smelled of smokey wood, over cooked food and a spring rain. It seemed weird to have a room smell of rain, but I could feel the damp air all around me. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to seeing in the dimly light inn. There in the corner was a thin bony man, hunched over his drink. As I watched him, I felt compelled to approach him, to talk to him, to tell him all of my secrets, my history and my sisters history.

Short Story In Works #1: Legend of Mariel

Before you, you see a small green dragon drawing in the dirt with a wicked looking dagger that is glistening with a small amount of venom. Slowly she looks up with a sparkle in her eyes. As she turns to you, she beckons you to stay and listen to her story, her history.

As you take a seat on the ground next to her, two other dragons run up to you. One is red, one green, and their features are very much similar. They look at you then their gaze shifts to the dragon with the dagger.

"Mariel," they shout, "are you telling your story?"

The first dragon, Mariel smiled, "Marque, Mora calm yourselves. We have a guest in the midst. I apologize for my brother Marque and my sister Mora."

The first green dragon smiled. She looked at the drawing on the ground and roared with disgust as she planted her dagger into the design. Then she picked up her dagger and applied a new coat of venom.

Smiling once again, she looks your way and says, "My name is Mariel, this is my story." She hugged her siblings and proclaims "this is our history!"

Okay... New!

I got a JOB!!!
Been there now for a month. working on trying to get a promotion.

Still going to School ~ South University for my BBA in Business Management and Leadership. 2 Classes down... Many to go.