Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post Card Swap.... posting #3

On December 23rd, I mailed out 9 postcards... to places like Michigan: Chelsea, Tecumseh, in Ohio: Circleville, Orient, Columbus, in Tennessee: Germantown, and in Pennsylvania: Jim Thorpe.

Well it's now December 31st.. I have received all 9 of my postcards from the following people and their hometown...

Kathy S. of Tecumseh, MI

Terri S. of San Diego, CA

Susan R. of Chelsea, MI

Linda L of Highland, MI

Joe R. of Upper Arlington, OH

Jen S. of Jim Thorpe, PA

Renata J. of Wellington, New Zealand

Barbara N. of Columbus, OH

Dawn J. of Milwaukee, WI

Monday, December 23, 2013

Postcard swap post 2

Cards r stuffed and addressed... Don't mind the band aids... Blurring my address... Now to seal and mail... But fornow sleep... 1long work day monad for me...but here are my envelopes. 

I don't trust snow and Twinkling H2Os.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 International Postcard Swap...

Weeks have past and oodles of homework avoided while I slaved away trying to come up with 10 different Post Card designs.. well they didn't have to be different but I wanted them different. (overachiever that I am). So here are the results... I have grouped the fronts and backs of each card together... yeah I hand drew the backs too... (really I'm not that nutz.. okay maybe I am). Without further adue (well that's spelled wrong), here are my cards well 9 of the 10 I'll photograph #10 later, it was done in oil paint and refuses to dry :(.

-An original design by ME :)
Watercolor using the Twinkling H2O paints

-An original design by ME :)
Copic Markers and Stickles

-An original design by "Dilly Bean Stamps"
Cheap Metallic Acrylic paints from Big Lots 

-An original design by "Dilly Bean Stamps"
Watercolor using the Twinkling H2O paints 

-An original design by ME :)
Watercolor background using Twinkling H2Os, layered paper

-An original design by ME :)
Watercolor background using Twinkling H2Os

-An original design by ME :)
Watercolor background using Twinkling H2Os

-An original design by ME :)
Watercolor background using Twinkling H2Os

-An original design by ME :)
Watercolor background using Twinkling H2Os

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yet another card...

Below is a birthday card for one of my bosses, tomorrow is her 50th birthday and she has to work, being a strange one I thought I'd give her a surprise. She is a fan of butterflies so this is my card for her. This is a hybrid card, the basic image is below... the left shows the base printed image, the only part that I colored is the tag/butterfly part. On the right is the border of the tag, butterfly and the lower bubble that touches the boarder.

The next two images are the finished card. I took the border with the butterfly and bubble, to it I added a piece of clear plastic. I then pop dotted that directly on top of the other tag. But before I glued it all together, I added some sparkles and beads to make the shaker tag. 

The above and below images are the finished card. 

Digital Images:
  - Tags - word butterfly bubbles
          Image from Bugaboo Digital Stamps
  - Digital Paper and Digital Tag
          Both are from The Hybrid Chicks - Free Mini Kit

Copic Markers:
    Butterfly: YR61, Y21
    Bubbles: B0000, B000
    Boarder: YR000
    Background: YR0000

    Blue Beads, Glitters

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An interesting week...

    Life has been fun filled lately... Work blues, school jollies, Scrapbooking fun, jewelry making and squealing at the great book that my cousin wrote.. While begging for a sneak peek at her next novel.

    What book you ask? It's called "The Crossing" by Aislinn Marshall, it's available on amazon (that's where I got mine from), nook and kobo (I believe so on kobo that is). It's about a young woman, Selena, who has retired home to South America, to live with her family, while going to college. Only problem is she's not getting any sleep and the ghosts won't leave her alone. So yes, it's a ghost story, but don't worry it's not a "Pet Cemetery" kind of scary.

   Work blues, you should know better, all jobs have Drama Queens... Mines just thinks he's a jester. School... Last 7 days of composition 3.. Yeah! Then onto Business Law... I look forward to getting past the Biology and Composition classes.   Next would be Scrapbooking and jewelry.. Well, I'm still trying to finish up my Disney albums from the last two Disney album page parades... And I keep missing class dates for the photography pages, so pretty much I have like 10 pages that still need to be completed. Now as for jewelry... I've been playing with chainmail again. I've finished 2 bracelets for myself, and one for my sister... Next will probably be one for the Xmas holiday run. But it is something to fill that gap of avoiding to complete my homework on time if not early. I'll post the bracelet that I made for my sister, as well as the ones I made for me... Mine are green and the purple one... Hers is black, blue and silver. 

   Well, this is me signing off for now, it's probably time for me to wake up and face the world now.

(The purple with silver and the lime with black are both mine.)

(The black, blue and silver is for my sister, it even fits her, I just need to keep it hidden for 1 more month.)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Llama, llama...duck? No, necklace...

Just something I did last power outage... In the dark.. Now I just need to clear coat it :)

I think he turned out nice. :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Disney Epcot Scrapbooked Countries

Someone from a class asked me to post the altered ideas that I took a class on so, I have included them here. The original ideas came from Sticker Store and More, Inst. Tami S. I give her the credit for the original ideas.

(Please excuse my messy work station,
I'm very organized at work, just not at home :-S)


(Large image on lower right should have the green border around it as well, I'm still waiting for it to be cut.)








United Kingdom


P.S. 95% of the images here are photos that I have done myself, however there were somethings that either I didn't like my image or there was a better image online, and I remembered it but didn't take it. In the world of scrap-booking it's called scrap-lifting, lifting an idea or image from someone else's page and using it as your own. If asked I can tell you which images were not mine.