Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short Story #2:A Legacy of Meotod

A Legacy of Meotod

       It was a still and silent night, the inn wasn't busy just full. The inn smelled of smokey wood, over cooked food and a spring rain. It seemed weird to have a room smell of rain, but I could feel the damp air all around me. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to seeing in the dimly light inn. There in the corner was a thin bony man, hunched over his drink. As I watched him, I felt compelled to approach him, to talk to him, to tell him all of my secrets, my history and my sisters history.

      Slowly I walked in the direction of where he was seated. I was just crossing the seating area, when I heard a soft humming. I looked around to see where the humming was coming from to see a lone man sitting off by himself. This man looked as if he was petting his hair, as if his touch would help it grow. I was intrigued by this strange nature coming from a man, that I failed to see that he stopped and was now watching me. He smiled at me with such a beautiful smile, that caused me to startle and step back into the next table. Shaken, I tore my eyes from his and started back towards the man in the corner.

     As I approached the thin bony man, I noticed that he was not alone, with him there was a young woman enjoying a drink with. I stopped a mer stones throw from where they sat, about to turn and leave. When the bony man rose from his chair.

     "Meotod, I know that is you," said the bony man in a gruff voice, "please join us, for my love and I have been waiting a long time for you to arrive."

     "But.." I stuttered, "how do you know who I am?"

     "I have my ways" he said "now, won't you please join us?"

     From across the room I heard someone speak, "You'd like that, you'd enjoy having her sit next to you."

     I looked around the room to see who had spoke, only to find the man with the beautiful smile watching me still. As I looked towards him he only continued to smile, but then he then turned his attention towards the bony man and glared.

     As I turned to look back at the table I saw that there were was only two chairs left at the table, one next to the man that knew my name, and one next to the silent young woman. As I approached the table, somehow the chair closet the man was pulled out inviting me to sit near him. I quickly jumped aside the chair and pulled the other chair out and sat down. The bony man just smiled and then the chair returned to it's original place.

     "Wait.. how.." I stuttered, "what caused that? What are you? Who are you?"

     I watched as the young women lowered her cloak, to reveal that she is like me.. a Blood Elf.

     "But if you are like me," I stated while pointing at the bony male, "then who is he? And who is that other man, the one petting his hair?"

     "You wont want to look at him," the young Blood Elf said, pointing at her companion. "He at times can be quite scary. My name is Soleena, and his is ChaoticDrag. We have a large family that we would like you to consider in joining. But we would love to hear about your family and anything else you would love to tell us."

    She turned towards the other man, tilting her glass as she pointed him out. "As for him, he is Klep, he is also in our family, but be-careful of his hair, he thinks it's worth gold. Now, back to the importance of you being here."

     "My life was simple," I began, "I had a family, a loving mother and father.. and I had my sister."

     A small tear flowed down my cheek as I spoke of my sister. "My sister is my twin, well at least she was, until the change happened. Many many moons ago, a great war broke out within the elves, my family was divided in the war. It was a horrible war, it divided both the world and all that I know."

     "Meo, my dear" Chaoticdrag said, "we know what happened to the world. What we desire is your history. Nothing more, just the history."

     "Well I know you just want that, but if I'm telling it" I stated, "then you have to listen."

     As I finished my sentence, Klep said, "that's my girl, I knew you'd have enough spunk to put the Chaoticdrag in his place."

     "Klep, mind that tongue of yours or I'll have to give you something else to worry about." With a flick of Chaoticdrag's wrist, one of Klep's hair fell from his head and began to smolder.

     "NOO..." Klep screamed, "okay okay, m'lord."

     As Klep turned away, I could see a small tear, it looked as if he was morning a fallen companion. I glared icily at  ChaoticDrag, I turned then to Soleena. "Why, Soleena, why must Chaoticdrag be so cruel?" I asked.

     "Ah my dear," started to Soleena say.

     "I'm not cruel," ChaoticDrag interrupted, "I was born this way, gruff and lacking a heart. Please Meotod, Continue your story."

     Meotod bowed her head in a slight nod, "Where was I..., ah yes, the war. My family was small, but I had my sister, Gemna we were considered twins. Gemna and I were inseparable, we went on the same journeys together we battled the same wars. If I was ever in trouble, I just had to think her name, and I could feel her coming to my rescue. She was one with the forest animal, always  in the form of a cat or a bird. I do remember a time when even I did not see her....

To be continued...

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