Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life as I know it now....

     Okay so you all know that I got a job recently. Well I actually enjoy my job; I like my managers, and most of the staff… I did say most. Well that was until tonight, tonight I was “cornered” by a fellow coworker who asked me what I was doing. My response “my job” “what I was told to do.” Her response was well were you made into a manager? No, but I was told if you work in the box (Customer Service Desk) you manage the front of the store. Thus deciding breaks, making sure people go on them when they are decided and that people are working in their assigned areas. I was also told by the on duty manager to keep the 4some from gathering and chit chatting their way through the evening. To make sure that each of them were working in their assigned area, again I was informed basically that it wasn’t my place to do this, because I was not a manager. Well obviously the way I manage was offending her, because she informed me that I need to be nicer, and ask when people would like to take their breaks, or if they would like to take one. If I remember correctly its law that someone needs to take a 30min lunch break unpaid if you are working 6 or more hours. Oh and I’m also to bossy, I informed her that I have been a manager before and this was my managerial style from before, and I’m learning on “softening it,” she responded with a snide remark of some people have actually moved out of their parents’ house.

     Can I ask, what does where I live have anything to do with how I manage a store? And may I ask, why would I move out of a RENT FREE residence?

     So after she had her little snit, I continued to do my TASKS given to me by the MANAGER. She rejoined her little posy and had a gay old time talking loud enough for me to hear them but not enough to hear what they were saying. Yeah Me! My thoughts right now is, Can I actually find a different job and would it be worth my wild to actually look.


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