Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Zoey

So back in January.. I was suckered into helping one of my bosses out with some name letters for his newborn daughter, Zoey. Zoey is his and his fiancee's (now wife) little princess, I tried and tried to keep with the cupcake theme that they had going on but I wanted something that could be used now and perhaps she would keep it up until at least middle if not high school. So here it is, Yes it's a big pictures, I still have to reduce the size ;) Photo quality should be excellent if not better =)

So no cupcakes.. But I do feel that her name turned out well :D

Signing off for now, I have homework, no surprise there, and I still need to pack for my Disney Class tomorrow :)

- Susan


  1. That came out fantastic!! I could see her keeping that long past high school!! :-)

  2. Thanks :) boss and his wife loved it.